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Coming From the southside streets of Columbus,Ohio, Vicc Wit Two C'z is all about Authenticity . Being who you are no matter the situations you face in Life .
With Over 10 years of experience recording and producing . 
Vicc Wit 2 C'z promises to deliver  truly authentic Sound .  
From the soulfull melodies to the Life events captured in his Music . you can almost Literally feel and vision the sound and words you listen too .

Influenced by none but inspired by the Greats such as D.M.X, Biggie, Scarface and many more. Two c'z Music is just a reflection of whats going on right in his own world .
Whats Going on in YOUR world. 

Dream Big Or Live Low . 

Live Performances 

Writers Assistance 

Orignal Instrumentals

Sampled Instrumentals


Studio Services
Post Production
Sound Design & Instrumentals
Music Composition
Need proffesional Mixing and Mastering? 
Look no further.
With over 6 years of experience in Quality Recording Studios. Well be sure to get you that perfect sound your Looking for
Choose from a variaty of beats to suit your sound. Or Maybe your enjoying the sound but you want something a little different? No problem , Contact us to get started on the Beat thats Going to actually Allow You, to be YOU
Need help with song writing or coming up with a catchy chorus?
No problem. Contact us to get you pushing out hits Like a Pro.